In Case You Haven’t Heard…

Universal Pictures has announced production of a live action re-make of our favorite Disney fairy tale, Snow White & The Seven Dwarves. It will be titled, “Snow White And The Huntsman”. Unlike the Disney story line, this film will be focused on the adventures, lessons, and companionship of the princess and the huntsman as they both escape from the Queen.

With such a new age spin on a classic tale, casting is crucial! This far, 3 of the main roles have been announced to the public. Charlize Theron as The Evil Queen, Viggo Mortensen as The Huntsman, and Kristen Stewart as Snow White.

This is where I have to make my opinion count. The purpose of this blog is to gain the attention of Rupert Sanders, Universal Picture’s director for Snow White And The Huntsman, and make him reconsider Kristen Stewart for the role of Snow White. I admit, I am not a casting director. But first let me explain my strong affiliation with the fairest of them all. I cannot tell you how, but I will tell you that I have had 6 years of professional training. In that training, I have studied her complete characterization from her voice to how she skips and poses in the film. I know every fact, pose, dwarf, etc… It is safe to say that I am a Snow White expert.

I know you are thinking but wait, this is Universal’s idea of Snow White not Disney’s… But when we were children did we know the difference of who was producing the story? No! We only knew what was put in front of us. First a vampire, now a princess? This is not a 5 year olds imagination… this is Hollywood!